// Estudio Objeto delivers full service vehicle design activities with a specialty in design research programs, focused mainly for electric and autonomous vehicles. We help companies as a strategic design partner to set up their own DNA and translate this message into unique products.

The group operates worlWide from Vigo (SP) and it is part of the Automotive Cluster, where plenty of know how is available to deliver high skilled support; it has also connections with universities and IT companies. This sets Estudio Objeto in top priviledged position being in the middle of this two knowdledge streams. Estudio Objeto collaborates with a network of highly creative vehicle designers, and ninja skilled computer programmers. This team is continuously feeded with talent coming from very different diciplines of the human knowledge such biology, math, or physics, making this way the conceptual approach unique for each project.

Our activity is based on superlative strategy and conceptualization and spreads from early conceptualization to full 3D development including prototype making. Besides our specialization in autonomous and electric automobiles, Estudio Objeto also participates in all green transport related design programs (motorBikes, buses, trains, yachts, trucks, drones).